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Badger Bristle vs Boar Bristle-which shaving brush is best?

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There are 2 most common types of shaving brush bristle: Badger and boar.  Less common are synthetic bristles and horse hair.  Boar bristle tends to feel more coarse against the skin but is very effective at lifting the hair up from the skin in readiness for the shave.  Badger bristles are softer by nature and give the feeling of luxury.  They can also hold moisture in the bristles better than boar bristle thus assisting the shaving cream in providing a thicker lather on the face, which in turn softens the bristles and makes the stubble more susceptible to be shaved.  Good preparation for your shave will ensure less irritation will occur.  Always finish with a good moisturiser or gentle balm to calm the skin.

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