ANDIS T-Outliner Zero Blade Gripper for use with T-Outliner 05105 Only

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You’re probably thinking that you can get away with the original parts and blades for your clippers. What sorts of terrible things happen if you don’t change your clipper blades enough? It can result in shaggy lines, ragged layers, and unhappy customers. Why be cheap about it? Be a better person and don’t skimp on your blades. What about the other parts of your clippers. Be prepared. You also don’t want to forget the T-Outliner Zero Blade Gripper for the Andis T-Outliner 05105. Best of all, it’s specifically made for your clippers. Why skimp when it comes to parts for your Andis clipper? If you have an Andis T-Outliner 05105, you know how handy the blade gripper is to have. Be prepared for anything that may come up with your clippers. Have a few of these on hand so you know you’ll never get stuck in a bind.


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