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Roddy Donegan was born in the Republic of Ireland where, as a teenager, he began his training as a barber.  Having fallen in love with the industry growing up with friends who were serving apprenticeships themselves in other shops around town, many an afternoon was spent absent from school at the local barber shops, listening with youthful eagerness to the stories of the local guys about times past and present.

On completion of his apprenticeship, Roddy continued working in Ireland in several barber shops, hungrily seeking out courses where he could drink in as much knowledge as possible. Credit to The Grafton Barbers in Dublin, some wonderful barbers who plied their trade expertly and introduced Roddy to the dying art of face shaving.

In 1999, Roddy combined his love of barbering with a love for travel and adventure and set sail for greener fields. The final destination would become his permanent home and the beginning of a new life, creating a family and continuing to ply the trade he loves so much.

After several years working in Sydney, Gowings Barber Shop being one of a few, the time came to leave Sydney and head north to start a new life-and a family on the midnorth coast of NSW.

Roddy has established a thriving barber shop in Tuncurry and has embedded his unique stamp on the town delivering his inimitable style of modern cutting with classic traditions such as facial shaves.

Barberco was set up in 2012 by Roddy in a bid to modernise delivery of barber supplies and has joined a generation of barbers who are revolutionising barbering in Australia.  Education is top of the list with major events in the pipeline this year and into next year.  Keep your eye on the blog for details of any events coming up.

Let's keep the barbering dream alive and happy coiffuring into the future!